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Jamie Kornblum 

Just when the world thought that the tide was turning in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the virus showed that it had a lot more in store for us. A mutation of the virus appeared in Britain, South Africa, and Brazil. This mutation has an increased ability to spread.  Also, the mutated virus seems to have a greater capacity to attach itself to the respiratory systems of those infected. 

The discovery of the new mutation comes at a point when the United States and many other countries have approved and begun the distribution of coronavirus vaccines. Already thousands of people have received the vaccine. As a result, many nations were optimistic that their borders could once again be opened to tourists and that regular global trade would resume.  However, once word of the mutated virus was highlighted in newspaper headlines worldwide, the opposite reaction occurred, and many countries stopped all flights in and out of Britain.  Trade to Britain also came to a halt as every truck driver coming into and out of Britain from France had to be tested for the virus.  

The biggest fear of scientists is that the newly mutated virus could find a way to circumvent the new vaccines’ effectiveness, thus decreasing the vaccine’s capability to build a defense network against the virus.  Epidemiologists immediately started studying the mutated virus and its effects, and more will not be known until their studies are complete.  In the meantime, all we can do is continue our vigilance against the virus, remain socially distant, and continue to wear masks. Hopefully, scientists will find a solution to the mutated coronavirus, and we can all get vaccinated soon.

The Virus Mutates: Academics
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