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Rachel Czeisler

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, New York City Mayor Eric Adams used his first budget meeting in the state legislature to press for changes to NYC. Some changes included alterations to the state's criminal justice system, the rebuilding of New York City's failed school system, and most importantly, safety on the streets of NYC. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption to the economy, and Mayor Adams was forced to answer some difficult questions concerning NYC’s economy. However, Adams stated that before businesses can return to normal, the safety of the public needs to be addressed first.   

“We cannot function as a city unless New Yorkers are safe, and feel safe on our streets, our transit system, our workplaces, and our homes,” Adams said during his speech at the “Tin Cup day,” a yearly occasion where city councils make their case to the legislature in Albany. Adams wants to make the streets of NYC safer in ways such as reforming the school system to prevent at-risk youth from falling into bad behavior on the streets and a modification of the criminal justice system in hopes of limiting reincarceration. 

Additionally, the failing school system of NYC was a major topic of conversation for Mayor Adams. He requested a four-year extension of the control of city schools in order to heal the deeply flawed school system. As stated by the source himself: “I need four years, and I need your help to allow me to finally turn around the school system that has failed children.” 

Another significant plan for reform was encouraging lawmakers to modify the state's bail reform law to allow judges to evaluate whether a person is dangerous before releasing them from prison. Top politicians have fought back in recent weeks, claiming that the "dangerousness standard" has led to prejudice, citing statistics showing that just 2% of individuals released under the bail reform law have been re-arrested for violent offenses. Around 20% of those who were released under the bail reform statute were re-arrested for misdemeanors.

Throughout the state legislature budget meeting, many of the reforms discussed were regarding pressing issues, such as the failing school system and the criminal justice system. Although there were a few heated exchanges at the meeting, most welcomed the new mayor of New York City. Most of the concerns brought up during the meeting were well received by the mayor, who demonstrated his ability to address minor problems by informing several people that he would meet with them one-on-one to discuss separate issues. 

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Mayor Adams’ Upcoming Changes to NYC: Academics
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