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Daphna Rosenberg

In addition to helping people avoid getting seriously sick with COVID, getting vaccinated in New York can now also pay the college tuition of young children down the road. On November 9, 2021, Governor Kathy Hochul announced a new incentive for children ages 5-11 to receive their vaccinations that will run until December 19. Governor Hochul aims to “support and celebrate those who get vaccinated.” Hochul called The Vaccinate, Educate, Graduate program “an extraordinary opportunity for children to win free tuition to a SUNY or CUNY college or university, and I urge parents and guardians to help their children get vaccinated and enter into this once-in-a-lifetime program." 

The requirements of the program state that a parent or guardian of any 5-11 year old who has received at least their first dose of Pfizer can enter their child in a raffle to win one out of 50 full-ride scholarships to any two-year or four-year New York state public college or university. Winners of this incentive program will receive tuition and room and board. Beginning on November 25, 10 winners will be announced each week. The program is funded by federal COVID-19 outreach funds.

The purpose of this new campaign is to increase awareness of the efficacy and availability of the COVID vaccine for young children. New York hopes to increase its vaccination rate by encouraging children from 5-11 to get the shot, viewing this incentive as one of the final steps to ending this pandemic. 

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