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Kayla Fauziev

Being a high school student isn't always easy. High school students have many assignments, sometimes all due on the same day as three major tests, all while managing extra curriculars. Now, how much easier would it be if high school students could choose their own

classes? Here are some reasons why high schools should let their students choose which classes they take:

  1. It would prepare them better for the real world 

Students would have more motivation to learn and come to school if they were able to choose their own classes, rather than being required to take certain classes in order to graduate. Should a student who hopes to major in biochemistry be required to take three years of Spanish and four years of English? Or should a student who hopes to major in journalism be forced to take classes like geometry, chemistry, and calculus in order to graduate? 

2. Students are failing classes they don’t even need

Many students fail classes they won’t even need for the career they end up pursuing. Not only does failing classes lower self-esteem, but it also lowers the students overall GPA, which may prevent them from getting into the college they want to go to in order to specialize in their profession. Instead, they may be forced to settle for a college they never wanted to go to in the first place.

3. They would be more attentive in their classes

Every student at some point in their life has spaced out during class. However, many students not only space out but ignore the lesson altogether. An uninterested student can completely ignore a lesson simply because they aren't interested in the subject. They may be uninterested, but these classes may not be necessary at all for their future. If students would be able to choose their own classes, they would be more focused on their classes, which would result in better grades and a higher GPA.

4. It teaches them things about themselves

When students choose their own classes, it encourages students to choose a class based on their interests, future goals, and future career path. As a result, they become more in tune with their interests and learn more about themselves. In the classes these students choose, they will learn more since they are more engaged in the class. Now students will have the opportunity to study the subjects that interest them and set themselves up for the future. 

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High School Students Should be Allowed to Choose Their Own Classes: Academics
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