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Joely Steinlauf

Something that makes Dyson unique compared to all other brands is its genius

contemporary design. All Dyson products have a futuristic aesthetic, which is what catches the eye. After investigating the product, most people will wonder about the high price point. The answer, of course, is the outstanding engineering that curates results for everyday problems in a durable and sustainable way. If one spends on quality, the durability and longevity will cover the cost and. hopefully, remove the burden of spending on another similar product. On top of that, it also solves problems in a way that is so clever that, rather than seeming like a chore, it is almost fun to use.

James Dyson, the inventor of this brand, is an ambitious and hard-working entrepreneur who is always searching for ways to solve issues in the most efficient way possible. Frustrated with the standard problems of his old vacuum, he began to design something new — a bagless cleaner. After 5,127 different prototypes, he finally perfected the product and engineered a bagless machine with superior suction. Once the vacuum was released, the brand started to gain popularity. From here, he went on to invent the bladeless fan and the hand dryer called the Air Blado. Then came a hairdryer launch which had Vogue magazine excited about future blowouts.

By the time he launched the Airwrap, his brand was well established and trusted. The Airwrap provided a new way to style any hair type with less damage, offering a variety of tool attachments. The curling attachment which uses the Coanda effect is very popular. 

Interestingly, much of Dyson’s marketing is done through word of mouth. Many influencers have now gotten their hands on Dyson products and have been promoting them through social media. Recently, the Dyson Airwrap has gained mass attention, and people of all hair types are showing off their flawless locks on the internet. In their posts, not only do they show how to use the product, but they also justify the high price. The majority of the posts are positive and promote the product. The Corrale straightener has had an easier time being promoted since it rests on the accomplishments of its predecessor.

For all these reasons, the Dyson brand has become, and probably will always be,

culturally appealing. It is ambitious, innovative, creative, and sustainable. It focuses on a diverse customer base and has something for everyone. It excites people who are interested in technology and innovation and just solves the everyday needs of the rest of us.

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