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Kayla Fauziev

It’s no question that the style of books has changed since the late 1800s, but  is it for the better or worse? 

Books, both new and old, are great things. But society often assumes that “new” things are better, and many times, they can be. Books on the other hand, may not be one of them. Here’s why classics stand out from new books:

1. They have stood the test of time.

Many new books may be pleasing, entertaining, and interesting reads, but will they last as classics after a century or two? New books have yet to pass such a test. Old books, on the other hand, have been read by generations and continuously have proven to be great.

2. Classic books show a different perspective of life.

Older books have a value that new books just don’t seem to have, mainly because they show life from another time. Many stories like To Kill A Mockingbird and Little Women, are known titles from way back when, and are still commonly read today. Each book has a tale to tell about a point in history, giving a perspective of how life was during that time.

3. Classic books are for everybody.

Old books do not discriminate against age. Some of the best stories and tales were written specifically for children, as seen with books written by the Brothers Grimm. Just because books were written for a younger audience, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be read by an older audience. Pick up a book like Princess And The Pea, or Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and it is guaranteed you will find a moral you can learn from the story.

4. Classic books will most likely be relevant far into the future.

This is another part of standing the test of time: the fact that classic books have stood the test of time means that people from numerous generations have found them to be relevant to their lives.

Next time you decide to pick up your next read, think twice, and maybe give classics a try — I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

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Classic Books are Far Better than Contemporary Books: Academics
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