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Lauren Monderer

The wheels-versus-doors debate has been blowing up on social media. There is one question millions of people have been wondering: are there more wheels or doors? People all over the world have been taking this question to heart and expressing their opinions via TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. All over social media, this question has millions of people torn.

On March 5, 2022, a New Zealand resident posted a poll on his Twitter feed, asking his followers if they thought there were more doors or wheels. Unintentionally, this man started a massive debate. Over the past few weeks, this question has blown up on social media, especially on TikTok. Hundreds of thousands of TikTok users internationally have been defending their opinion.

Members of Team Doors have been arguing about the quantity of doors. When arguing, people like to point out the incalculable amount of car doors, container lids, cabinets, lockers, bathroom stalls, etc. Most members of Team Doors consider any inanimate objects with at least one hinge to be a door, which is how they support that there are more doors than wheels. Even the company GoPro announced that they are on Team Doors, because they have sold 50 million cameras, each equipped with tiny “doors.”

Members of Team Wheels have made similar arguments, though they are lenient with what’s considered a wheel. They have claimed wheels are anything that rotates – including rotating doors! Many people on TikTok who are on Team Wheels like to point out the wheels on transportation, such as on vehicles, chairs, shopping carts, legos, and conveyor belts. New York Times best selling author, Hank Green, who has an influential position on TikTok, shared his opinion about being Team Doors; to back up his opinion, he said his children have toy cars with working wheels, but with nonfunctional doors. Even members of Team Wheels have pointed out that a doorknob on a door rotates and therefore can be considered a wheel. So, what’s the right answer?

Even though this aimless debate is continuing to spread on social media, there is no definite answer for which is correct. Members of both teams are aware they are arguing over something pointless, but they still defend their opinions.  Whether there are more wheels or doors is an opinion-based question. What people consider a door or a wheel is a key factor when picking a team. If rotating objects are considered wheels, and objects with hinges are considered doors, then there can be no definite solution. 

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