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Ellie Nathan

Israel has taken many precautions to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus. On September 18, the country went into its second lockdown since the pandemic outbreak. This second lockdown was scheduled to only last three weeks, although the coronavirus cabinet later made a collective decision to extend the lockdown through at least October 18. In addition to this latest lockdown extension, there have been exceptions added to the lockdown rules. People are now allowed to travel over one kilometer to attend weddings of their close relatives, and professional athletes are allowed to attend practices. Starting October 18, in-person day camp and pre-school for kids up to six years-old will resume. Businesses that don’t have walk-in customers are allowed to re-open, too. The government also lifted the 1,000-meter limitation of movement. 

The second nationwide lockdown proved beneficial as it lowered the average new coronavirus cases from 9,000 a day to fewer than 2,000 a day. The concentration of cases continues to be in the ultra-Orthodox/Charedi communities, where there have been reports of community members not following the lockdown’s proscribed rules. The task force will most likely continue with specific lockdowns in targeted places, mainly in the ultra-Orthodox communities, as this latest lockdown eases.


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